PMac Fitness (Peter Maciver) is a personal trainer since 2007. His celebrity clients include Rochelle and Marvin Humes, Reggie Yates and Kimberley Walsh. He has extensive experience in nutrition, boxing, spinning, body conditioning and Yoga. He has easy to follow 6 Week Programmes available for everyone to join in. He is the biggest motivator and will train anyone who is willing to let go! Find him on PMac Hill in Primrose Hill at sunrise come rain or shine.


I qualified as a personal trainer in 2007 and since have built a strong client base. Doing so I have acquired extensive experience in nutrition, boxing, spinning, body conditioning and Yoga, which I have practised on a personal level for the last nine years. 

I began Yoga to reverse repetitive strain injury caused by intensive weight training. Because of its transformative effect on my body condition I view it as a key component of any health and fitness regime. It trains the body to become more flexible and therefore resistant to aches, pains and injury.

As part of the relationship development between myself and my clients I exercise with them in their personalised fitness programmes on the basis that I would never ask a client to do something which  I cannot do myself. I have a very disciplined and professional approach to my work and prefer to show through example rather than words.

All fitness programmes are designed according to the client’s goals. I work with them to explore exactly what they want and how this will be achieved. I constantly assess and appraise the goals that have been set and ensure that  the client reaches an optimum fitness level. 

In order to maintain highest level of personal fitness I competed in Los Angeles for the 2013 Yoga Asana World Championships, finishing in the top 20

The following year I competed in the Miami Pro Fitness competition, deepening my understanding of the importance of nutrition in successful training.

In the same year I completed a 5K for The British Heart Foundation, in 19:30 (averaging 3m 55s per k).