PMac About

Qualified as a personal trainer since 2006, Peter Mac has extensive experience in nutrition, boxing, spinning, and body conditioning. In 2010 in order to undo years of abuse caused by repetitive strain from weight training, he also began practising yoga, which he views as a key component of any health and fitness regime.

In 2013 Peter Mac travelled to Los Angeles for the Yoga Asana World Championships, finishing in the top 20.

In 2014 he competed in the Miami Pro Fitness competition, deepening his understanding of the importance of nutrition in successful training.

Running everyday, in 2014 Peter Mac completed a 5K for The British Heart Foundation, in 19:30.

A firm believer in practicing what you preach as a trainer, Peter Mac places great emphasis on the trainer/client relationship, realising that teamwork is key in ensuring you reach your goals.